Once modeled, visualizations can be produced simulating the design in any material, from any angle, and under any lighting condition. Visualizations can consist of high resolution, photo-realistic digital images or high quality computer animations demonstrating spatial or kinetic characteristics. Even special optical qualities, such as reflection, transparency, and refraction can be simulated with convincing appearance. Such imagery can also be incorporated into photographs of the sculpture's intended site for maximum visual effect.

Alternately, models can be made ready for CNC fabrication and exported to most standard CNC formats. These models can then be supplied to a host of replication and prototyping services, which can then fabricate the physical models to your specifications.

Applications of Computer-aided Modeling and Visualization: 
Fine Art Sculpture: public art proposals, model enlargement and replication, and installation visualizations
Architectural Sculpture: visualization, design, and fabrication 
Interior Design: ornamental objects, visualization, design, and fabrication 
Illustration: three-dimensional modeling produces captivating two-dimensional imagery 
Engineering and Scientific Visualization: translate scientific and engineering concepts into easily understandable visual imagery